Disney's Beauty and the Beast


Auditions for Tidewater Players fall musical Disney’s BEAUTY & THE BEAST will be held

SUNDAY, JULY 30, 1-4 p.m.

MONDAY, JULY 31, 6:30-9 p.m.


Please prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song in the appropriate style of the show and dress to be prepared to dance.

NOTE: Performances will be November 17 – December 3, 2017 at the Havre de Grace Opera House as usual; auditions only are being held off site.

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton
Originally Directed by Robert Jess Roth
Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions

Directed by Laurie Starkey
Choreographed by Bambi Johnson
Musical Direction by Stephanie Cvach


Beauty & the Beast  Character Breakdown

Belle (lead, strong singer, engaging actress, age range 18-25) The heroine who must possess all the standard Disney princess virtues of physical and vocal beauty, youthful hope and exuberance, and an optimistic longing for a brighter and more fulfilling future. She also possesses a strong will and has taken great pains to educate herself. We watch her transformation as she begins develops feelings for the Beast.      vocal range: E3 – F5

the Beast (lead, power tenor, physically and vocally strong actor, age range  25-39) The very flawed hero who had everything and lost it on his own deplorable behavior.  He has been on a ten year journey to pay for his vanity and has a vast range of emotions from anger to frustration to fear to despair, that we watch slowly melt away as he dares to feel love for Belle. Must have a commanding stage presence and a distinctly powerful commanding speaking voice.       vocal range: A2 – E4

Gaston (lead, strong classical baritone, strong actor, age range 25-39) The villain of the piece, Gaston is physically perfect. He is tall, strong, dark, exceedingly handsome, and powerfully built, the epitome of testosterone drenched male beauty–and he will be the first person to tell you. He has set his sights on the town beauty Belle, who is repulsed by his vanity and pompousness. A strong actor who can invoke a menacing darkness when necessary as well as an obnoxious comic vanity.      vocal range: A2 – E3

Lumière (supporting, character tenor, strong comedic actor, age range 30-50) The former valet turned candelabra, Lumière is flamboyant, debonair, romantic (to the point of lascivious at times), and completely at home in the spotlight, with a performance flair equal parts Peter Allen and Liberace. Must be capable of commanding a huge production number and having great comic chemistry with the actor playing Cogsworth.              vocal range: F#2 – F#4

Cogsworth (supporting, character baritone, strong comic actor, age range 30-50) The former butler turned clock, Cogsworth is the anti-Lumière, stoic, authoritative, timely, and completely business. He is the Abbott to his Costello, the Ethel to his Lucy, the Martin to his Lewis. The duo are the inseparable vaudevillian comic relief of the show and must have strong comic chemistry.              vocal range: A2-E4

Mrs. Potts (supporting, warm alto, warm actress, age range 30-50) The former cook turned teapot, Mrs. Potts is the third of the triad who counsel and console the beast. Warm, tender, with a motherly instinct, she is the voice of reason at the castle who balances the comic lunacy of the other two.             vocal range: F#3 – G5

LeFou (supporting, character tenor, strong physical comedic actor, age range 25-45) Gaston’s lackey, he is physically everything Gaston is not–small, dim, no threat to the ladies–and bears the brunt of Gaston’s abuse and frustration but relishes the attention of his hero. As such, he must be physically adept at physical comedy, executing a constant array of pratfalls, flops, and sprawls from Gaston’s mistreatment.           vocal range: B2 – F#4 

Maurice (featured, character baritone, age range 40-65) Belle’s father, the original absent-minded professor, Maurice loves his daughter more than anything, and must possess the required warmth. He is is unwittingly Belle’s liability at the hands of the Beast and Gaston.             vocal range: Bb2 – Db4          

Babette (featured, comic actress, age range 25-35) The maid turned feather duster, she is the stereotypical French sex kitten, beautiful and saucy, and the willing recipient of the attention of on again/off again flame of Lumière. The duo have a featured tango (both figuratively and literally).           vocal range: C4 – F5 

Mme. de le Grande Bouche (featured, strong soprano, strong comic actress, age range 35-60) The lady’s maid turned wardrobe, she is a former star of the Parisian Opera and has a personality and look to match her former grande diva status. She is also warm and at times slightly dizzy (she has “moths in her drawers”). Performs quasi-operatic parodies throughout.            vocal range: C4 – D5

Chip (featured, boy 8-12) Mrs. Potts’ son who has been changed to a matching teacup, he is a sweet and obedient boy. Actors must be able to be contained in a tea cart for the entirety of each act (no claustrophobic tendencies) and be of a reasonable comparative height to the actress cast as Mrs. Potts.      vocal range: A3 – F5

M. D’Arque (cameo, tenor, strong menacing actor, age range 35-60) The ghastly proprietor of the local sanitarium, he joins Gaston and LeFou in a dark plan to manipulate Belle through her father’s liabilities.                vocal range: D3 – A4


Various performers of all sexes, ages, body types, and musical ranges. There are specialty roles for Silly Girls (3), a trio of strongly comic runner-up beauties who swoon, pine, and faint over Gaston, and a separate dancing chorus who are featured in various numbers.